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Bluehost Review

In our Bluehost review this week, let us share with you why you should move all your blogs from other web hosts to Bluehost. The first and foremost reason is SPEED. As you may not be aware of, Bluehost hosting is really fast as compared

HostGator Review: What Customers Have to Say

As a true Hostgator customer there are many things I could say about them that will occasionally help you make the right decision on this company. Choosing the right web host is crucial for your online business as is the foundation for your website growth. With the wrong hosting plan you could turn your dream into ashes. Understanding how bad could that feel if it happens I really want to help you avoid that from happening.

There are many factors that I consider important when choosing a web host, partially because I have different needs than more of the regular customers. In this review about HostGator I will point out only few of the factors I think are fundamental for your website and that may have direct effect on your website quality and reliability.

Below are some of the factors I decided to review in the HostGator review.

Loading Time & Speed

Since the speed is directly affected by the file size of the page url I’ve done some tests to measure the first byte of a site hosted on HostGator. The results were quite impressive and they even beat the speed of the HostGator.com page itself.

I recently found a speed test of HostGator in a HostGator review from BlogMakingSchool. The interesting this was that their results showed that HostGator was almost 4 times faster than their biggest competitors.

This Hostgator review shows more of the tests made by BlogMakingSchool on HostGator.


Hostgator has a very famous guarantee on their uptime insuring customers that they’ll return their money back for the month in which their site was down for more than 20 minutes in total. Few hosting companies have this kind of money back guarantees on their uptime and it’s a fact that tells a lot about HostGator’s confidence.

Since I’m using HostGator to host multiple sites I never encountered huge downtime problems unless few times where I had my site being down for couple of minutes. I remember that even before contacting the support my site was up and running again in no time.

Customer support

Having so many customers all around the world, dealing with the support and assistance can get quite difficult for HostGator. I can really compliment their chat support system and neither their email ticket system. I actually had quite some problems in getting a fast response from them few times in the past year. Since than year I noticed a lot of improvement so I can almost say that they fixed that problem now.

The interesting this about the HostGator support is their chat support. With a 24/7/365 assistance and fast response time which is usually less than 5 minutes HostGator may have the fastest and most reliable phone support on the web.


This is the best part of HostGator. Their real advantage is the long list of features you get on a regular shared hosting plan. I personally don’t know any other hosting company offering so many unlimited features and services for a $7 a month price.

Here are some of the features you get on a shared hosting plan:

Unlimited disk space

Unlimited bandwidth

Unlimited domains

Unlimited MySQL databases

Unlimited ftp accounts

Plans & Prices

HostGator is based around 3 major plans; the vps plan, the shared hosting plan and the dedicated server plan. The plan most used by general customers is the shared plans which start at $5 a month. Their second famous plan is the dedicated server plan which is a little expensive but very effective on big websites with higher traffic needs.

Other Hostgator reviews

There are many other reviews on HostGator out there and most of them talk about different customer opinions on HostGator. If you want to read customer reviews you can visit the links below.

Latest HostGator Review by Customers

iPage Review by Professional

For many people a hosting it’s just a thing that helps you make a website to start a business that you can make livings from it. But to me and other bloggers it’s more than just a hosting when you see the whole picture you will be spending a lot a time with the hosting and if it’s not perfect you will not enjoy your time spend on the website and if you don’t enjoy you will quit keep that in your mind.

View the rest of the review by this link: http://peoplesearchamerica.com/ipage-review/

Price and hosting plans

For a firm like iPage is the main thing that they are aiming at is perfection and with perfection you will get the perfect business you will have the thing that you have always dreamed of money. To get  a hosting from iPage it isn’t to expansive in fact they are the cheapest company in the hosting market with only 3.50 monthly payment. It is very chap, but for that price you are getting the perfect hosting just read the whole iPage review and you will get the point.


Some of the reasons that makes a perfect hosting is the features in it and with iPage you will get various of functionalities that come within the package. Of the functionalities one has stroke my heart and it can get out of my mind. It’s about an application that allows you to install any kind of software that you like, but the best part is that is one click application with one click you can install anything. And this isn’t the last one it has several of other tools I don’t know all of them but you can find them on BlogMakingSchool.


I have written several of post about the best cPanel on the market the iPage VDeck and every time when I write for the cPanel I can’t find enough words to describe it but I thing I found the prefect words now. Within time period of 2 years iPage has mange to build the perfect cPanel and upgrade it with some tools that are more than necessary to all bloggers all around the world. Some of the new tools are very helpful and you can easily make your way in it.

Speed and loading time

The key thing to perfection is fast loading time and I know how much it is boring to wait for 5 minutes to load your website. Fortunately the team behind iPage had figured it all out they achieve to make iPage one of the fastest hosting in the world. Recently a test was made to measure the loading time of iPage and when the result came out they were very socking. The regular loading time of iPage is 73.24ms


The last thing that wasn’t explained in this iPage review is the support system of iPage. I am not going to brag about how it is the best I am going to keep it real. It is just like the others hosting companies support it has support via chat via email and via phone.

iPage Review by BlogMakingSchool

How can you decide to buy a good hosting when every day more and more hosting companies are coming out every day with some really good offers for a hosting package. And how is possible to decide from which hosting company you shod buy from, but I think that I have the perfect hosting company that has all of the thing that a blogger should have for his website. The name of this company is iPage and in this iPage review I will show you the good side of this hosting company.

To read the full iPage review by BlogMakingSchool visit this link: http://www.blogmakingschool.com/ipage-review/

Overview and stats

This company was made in the year of 1998 that many people thought that they can make very much money with hosting, but iPage at this time wasn’t so popular because of their lack of experience. Therefore in 2009 they have reopen their company and with the experience that they have made within ten years they have a package that many people can refuse and now they have more than one million users.

Price and plans

One of the good reason why so many people can refuse their offer is because the price which is the cheapest in the hosting market so far. Ipage made a decision to lower their price on 3.50 dollars monthly payment for a hosting because of their understanding of the people who don’t have the funds but have a great potential to do something. But if you are more interested to take your web page to the next level and to made it professional you should really check out their hosting plans that have some really good package for a 2 years deal but it will definitely payout.


The great modification that they made on their cPanel is one of the best moves that they have made so far. With the latest update they have rename their cPanel into VDeck and now it simple to use like playing a game, but that isn’t all they have added some really cool tools for you to use it to manage your web page. The tools that they added to their cPanel are:

Website Management

  • Email Management
  • E-Commerce Service
  • Marketing Service
  • Account Management Service
  • Databases Management
  • CMS installations

Speed and loading time

For most of the user that have a hosting one of their main thing that they demand is a fast loading time. Fortunately the people in Ipage thought this problem true and they made a pretty fast loading time that when it’s compared with some of the hosting companies it has a huge difference. Recently a test was made to measure the speed of some hosting companies and it turn out that was the winner in this test with 73.21ms.


I unlike other peoples think that the support section is one of the key components to a good and reliable hosting. Because some people have difficulties with something that always can happen. Like for example a website management and when the user gets stuck here what would he do. And that is why is so important to have a good support via chat via email and via phone.

Cheap web hosting for small business

When people are starting out with their start up business and want to allow it to be reach into internet accessibility, they will require a website and host it on the server. Choosing a proper internet hosting service is therefore their first lookout. Plenty of companies offering web hosting are located when choices searched. Picking up one amongst such a large distribution is important, even though this is not an easy task. A few important points must be famous for consideration, when making choices about buying hosting space. When these criteria are met, then people can go forward using their decision to stay to a particular form of server with one of the superior hosting providers.

You may find that you simply stumble across hosting that appears to be something of the hidden gem, only to find that the company charges a little more than the others that you have already checked out. However, don’t misinterpret this as being a service to stay away from. High prices can often mean better customer service and a higher spec for equipment, so make sure you spend some time taking a look at these details.

Getting set up with cheap web hosting can be a challenge nowadays in the world of hosts that provide services like domain bundling, name registration, and free email to acquire users aboard. Many of these services find yourself costing you higher than a traditional basic hosting account would in the first place, and therefore hosting can be a hard thing to discover for those trying to find a bargain. Many people seeking cheap web hosting end up compromising for a bundle deal that isn’t whatever they wanted. In order to get cheap web hosting one must first determine what his or her needs are, and how best to meet them. This is not easy in relation to cheap hosting, because what your requirements require might not be the same services offered by any given host. But utilizing the painful steps of identifying what your web hosting needs are will greatly improve the ability and chances of finding the best provide the end.

Like expensive website hosting, cheap personal web hosting services offer almost exactly the same thing but, with a smaller scale. If you have a brand new business or else you do not want spend much then there is nothing like cheap personal web hosting services. You also enjoy a large web space along with a faster bandwidth with cheap web hosts. Selection of the right cheap hosting package is an important thing, since they are so many sold at different websites.

Granted, all of us want to save some amount of money, however, you as a business proprietor must take into mind the long-term costs. $2.00 per month or cheaper internet hosting always is sold with poor service. It is a fact. A hosting provider can’t afford to provide quality web hosting services if it is clients are paying less than $30.00 12 months for entry to its services. Thus, the provider reduces overhead costs by limiting space for storing, network bandwidth as well as the quality of its server components.

Make it sure that whichever package you’re considering, they are available in domain name registration. As your website grows and customer base increases, you will want sub website. If your hosting package incorporates the website name registration, your general cost of putting your website online might be lowered to larger extent.

There comes a time when all small enterprises have to expand so that up with the stress of their customers when that time comes you are going to need to hire a telephone answering service Toronto. Creating repeat customers and increasing your profits begins and ends with good customer care and as your business grows providing quality customer care on your own could eventually become impossible.

How to select cheap web hosting in the UK

Having a website will be the first and basic requirement for starting any internet business. One needs the service of a web hosting provider to put up the website online. The choice of the hosting provider plays a significant role within the performance of just one’s website. Web hosting is centered on building the foundation of your web business. Before choosing your web hosting service, you ought to analyze what you need and whatever you aspire to do with the web campaign. You need affordable web hosting, please read on!

Many of the host companies contain the features we don’t need. Select the company in accordance with your need along with. Many of the companies in addition provide the option of self-selection. This means that the consumer is in a position to choose the favorite options and features that the user needs. The price for the host differs for different companies.

The internet hosting server is really a machine that can help your website has got the visibility online. The websites are visible online with the help of these hosting servers and they help these web sites to get more and much more traffic so your popularity of the company rapidly increases as well as serves them with good business. There are thousands of web hosting servers out there that will present you with hundreds of plans and may also mislead you at the same time to choose a plan for your site which is profitable in their mind but not for your internet site.

Now that you’ve settled a short number of potential hosts, have a look at their pricing. Dig around their websites for possible coupons. Several webhosting providers offer discount codes both during “sales” so if you feel willing to give for extra than a month at the same time. You don’t have to perform this; nevertheless it cannot pain to acknowledge what the options are.

If you are planning to host a business website, you need to choose a web hosting service provider providing the flexibility to use FTP, PHP, Perl and MySQL. For more flexibility in designing or updating a web site, you’ll need FTP enabled internet hosting service. To maintain databases and store data online, you will need to enable MySQL services. PHP and Perl scripts may be run as long as the hosting provider enables you to install it.

Should you choose the free web hosting services? This question haunts many website owners. However, there are many pitfalls linked to the free services. For instance, you’ll not have your own domain, plus your website is going to be just an extension of the hosting company’s site. You will not have got guarantee of up time. Therefore, it usually is better to pay a reduced hosting fee rather than to have a free service. Many other disadvantages may be cited in free website hosting.

Always look for reviews with a company before buying a package from their store. There are many shared hosting providers available. The majority of them use Linux-based servers to find the job done. The web services are really simple to set up, cheap to use and simple to swap out. Many companies, trying to be competitive and make their prices low, oversell their hosting machines, providing horrible service for each and every tier with their customer base. These companies provide internet hosting to thousands of people at the expense of only $3/month. Their service and support reflect that price tag in the end. A little research may go far in the end.

You can pick the cheap option in UK although not wish to have advertisements running in your site.  You can seek an email finder service that is similar to free hosting, but you would need to pay a tiny fee to maintain your web page ad-free.  A service with a monthly fee of $2.95 will likely be offered by some of these providers with 100MB of web space if that is all that you’re looking for, and you’ll easily buy some new packages. Looking for cheap web hosting? Look no further, visit the sponsor website today!